How can I determine the condition of my ancestral cemetery, or whether it even exists?

A professional evaluation of your ancestral cemetery can be requested through our NY office. Our surveyors in Europe will then travel to the city/village, locate the cemetery, obtain and analyze the original maps, and provide digital photographs as well as a detailed report of the cemetery’s condition. Of course, quotes for the restoration of the cemetery, as needed, are also included.

Why is the fencing of a cemetery so crucial, and why must it be constructed of durable material, such as concrete, metal, stone, etc?

A cemetery without a fence is a declaration of indifference and disregard. Experience has proven that non-durable alternatives, such as wire, gets stolen and damaged very easily. More importantly, a proper fence establishes a cemetery as one that is of value to its descendants, which in turn inspires respect on the part of the locals and authorities.

I do not have the time or resources to travel to Europe myself very often. How can I be assured that after my ancestral cemetery is restored, the cemetery will not, after some period of time, regress to its previous neglected state?

This is a fundamental question. The HFPJC has therefore created a subdivision concerning itself solely with the maintenance of restored cemeteries.

Are payments and/or donations to the HFPJC tax-deductible?

The HFPJC is recognized by the IRS as a non-profit organization under section code 501 (c)(3).

If a cemetery property has already been purchased by a private, commercial, or even governmental entity, and even built upon, is there anything that can still be done to salvage the honor of the burial ground?

Above all, it is imperative to understand that all is not lost. In such a case it is urgent to at least save the remaining territory not compromised yet; a process successful when handled tactfully and carefully. At the same time, various negotiations are initiated to secure the return, when possible, of the compromised area.

In which countries is the HFPJC established enough to accept cemetery operations?

HFPJC is well established in Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Serbia, and western Ukraine. We are presently considering some projects in Poland.

Does the HFPJC receive Rabbinical guidance in cases where there are halachic (Jewish law) dilemmas, i.e. uncovered bones, uncertain cemetery boundaries, etc,?

The HFPJC is affiliated with both globally-acclaimed rabbinical authorities, the Asra Kadisha in Israel, and the CPJCE in England, in all aspects of our work.

Why is the HFPJC dependent on donations?

The HFPJC is a completely non-profit organization, directed by a team of volunteers dedicated to this cause. Although the reconstruction projects are covered financially by the descendants, there are numerous overhead costs, including administrative, traveling, advertising, technological, etc., both in NY and in Europe.