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Atea, Romania - June 2006

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Atea, Romania - July 2011

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Hajdudorog, Hungary - July 2005

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Hajdudorog, Hungary - August 2006

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Koseleve, Ukraine - July 2008

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Koseleve, Ukraine - May 2012


Welcome to the Heritage Foundation for Preservation of Jewish cemeteries (HFPJC)/Avoyseinu

It is our honor to represent the hundreds of individuals and families who comprise the Committee of Descendants in each individual cemetery project. Their firm commitment to preserving their forsaken ancestral burial sites against all odds, financial and otherwise, is truly inspiring and encourages us to continue this holy work of rescuing, restoring, and preserving the abandoned Jewish cemeteries throughout Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Serbia, Western Ukraine, and some parts of Poland.

“May the enormous merit of this sacred cause continue to bless our efforts.”


Status Report

The Status Report is released through the HFPJC twice annually, with a listing of all cemeteries in which the HFPJC has been/is currently involved. Each cemetery has a code depicting its status, and code definitions are provided at the the end of the report. This list is an excellent thread for one who is searching for the current condition of one’s ancestral cemeteries. If the cemetery in question isn’t listed, please contact our organization, and we’ll be glad to conduct an on-site evaluation to provide you with current information on the cemetery’s preservation status.

New activities

After many years of neglect and ruins, the esteemed descendants of the cemetery in Dedinka, Slovakia, the Herzog Family of Kedem Winery, asked the HFPJC to evaluate and restore the cemetery to a dignified condition, as befits a Jewish final resting site. A new, durable fence has been constructed around the cemetery and a large part of the sunken and broken tombstones have already been re-erected. The project is scheduled for completion shortly, be’ezras Hashem.


The Aranyasapati cemetery has lain in abandon for the past number of years, overgrowth and general neglect damaging the stones and grounds. Recently, an evaluation through the HFPJC discovered the stone of Reb Elchanan Zalman ben Reb Avrohom of Janosi, the patriarch of a large and esteemed family residing across a few continents. Determined to set the resting site of their revered ancestor in a respectable condition, the families are working intensely to raise the needed costs for the restoration. They appeal to all who are capable to join the project, simultaneously garnering invaluable merits.

News within
the organization

HFPJC proudly announces the newly elected Board of Directors:
Philip Herzog
William Nussen
Moses Greenfield
Zev Walter
These individuals are acquainted with the HFPJC since its inception and feel privileged to continue assisting this unique organization at their new position.

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