Or, Hungary


Evaluation of Cemetery

Heritage Foundation for Preservation of Jewish Cemeteries (HFPJC), first began evaluating the Cemetery on Mar 29 2005.

The evaluated was initiated upon request of Mr. Hersh Lefkowitz.

Once the evaluation request was submitted, HFPJC representatives set out to visit the site and provide a detailed report with accompanying photos on the condition of the grounds, enclosure and gravestones, naturally reporting any existing or potential threats to the cemetery. A highly important facet is determining the pre-war boundaries by comparing the current borders to cadastral, pre-war maps obtained from the local archives, to ensure that the original cemetery property has remained intact.

As a result of the analysis and assessment, HFPJC has produced the following Evaluation Report.

Restoration Committee

Mr. Chaim Lefkowitz

Raising Funds for the Restoration

Upon receiving the request, the descendants, assisted by the dedicated staff at HFPJC, set out to raise the necessary funds to restore the cemetery.

Chief Sponsors

Mrs. Eva Hilman
Mr. David Bistricer
Mr. Abraham Lefkowitz
Mrs. Chana Green
Mr. Chaim Burech Gottehrer
Mr. Lazer Frankel
Mr. Moshe Lefkowitz
Mr. Eliyahu Shimon
Mr. Josef Green
Mr. Chaim Lefkowitz
Mr. Chaim Yida Lefkowitz
Mr. Isaac Lefkowitz
Mr. Israel D. Freund
Mr. Joel Eisenreich
Mr. Isaac Greenfeld
Mr. Chaim Shia Lefkowitz
Mr. Abraham Loffler
Mr. Lazer Meir Lefkowitz
Mr. Samuel Lefkowitz
Dr. Allan Werzberger
Mr. Yekesial Rosner
Mr. & Mrs. Chaim Yida & Chana Perlstein
Mr. Baruch Eisenreich
Mr. Duved Leib Lefkowitz

Pre-Restoration Reasearch & Preparation

Cemetery Restoration Project

HFPJC launched the restoration project on Oct 10 2005. The following restoration works were executed:

Cleared Overgrowth
Constructed Durable Fence
Fence Type:
Repaired / Erected Tombstones atop
New Concrete Foundations
Amount of Tombstones Restored:

The Hfpjc Maintenance Program

Upon completion of the cemetery restoration, HFPJC works with the families to arrange a viable maintenance plan for the cemetery. One cannot overstate how crucially important it is to ensure that a cemetery is maintained, both so that the wild vegetation, left to grow unchecked, doesn't overwhelm and damage the fence, as well as to prove to the locals that this is a place of honor and respect and should be treated as such. Maintenance can either be arranged privately through the family, scheduling periodic, on-site inspections by descendants or visitors, or the family may enroll the cemetery in the HFPJC Maintenance Program.

This cemetery is under the HFPJC Maintenance Program

Maintenance Committee

Green Chana
Green Yochenen
Loffler Abraham

Indexing & Cataloguing

As a post-restoration service, HFPJC offers to photograph each restored gravestone, transliterate the information culled from the stones, and then catalogue the entire cemetery so that the descendants could receive a full index listing of those buried in the cemetery.

Indexing Requested
Indexing Completed
Photographs of Individual Gravestones available

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Calman Lieberman
Chaim Ferencz
Vice President
Shia Fisch
Family Liaison
Jacob Hiller
Family Liaison
Moshe Landau
Yoel Berkowitz
Maintenance Director
Mrs. R. Gelbman
Assistant Director
Mrs. F. Ellenbogen
Project Coordinator
Mrs. Y. Ungar
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