Status Report

Jan 18 2019

NEW! Avoyseinu releases updated report on all cemeteries where they were/are involved, with a code on its status. Review this report with information on 730 cemeteries to see if you can find your own ancestral cemetery and its status. If a cemetery isn't listed, Avoyseinu can be contacted to order an evaluation.

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Cemetery Activities/Pinsk

Apr 26 2018

During an intense preparatory undertaking to enclose and preserve the cemetery in Pinsk/Karlin, Belarus, HFPJC board members received an urgent call about ongoing construction activities within this sacred area. Immediately after Pesach, representatives flew to Belarus to negotiate the immediate halt of the desecrating activities, and were met with understanding and compassion from the locals and authorities. This led to a peaceful resolution, in which the construction plans were altered to keep the cemetery intact.

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