Status Report

Jan 24 2022

HFPJC is proud to release its annual Status Report, including the 800 cemeteries where we are/were involved, with a code on its current status. The current status report also has a separate listing of all 365 restored cemeteries, and information on the maintenance program.

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Maintenance year 2021

Jun 07 2021

HFPJC is proud to launch the new maintenance season of year 2021. The first round of inspections in 190 cemeteries enrolled in the Maintenance Division has been completed and reports are being sent out to the sponsoring descendants showing the cemetery's condition after the periodic cutting.

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Status Report 2021

Jan 10 2021

We're pleased to release our 2021 Status Report, which includes 780 cemeteries where HFPJC has been/is involved throughout the years. Each cemetery has a specific code showing the current status of that particular cemetery. In addition, there's a complete list of the 342 cemeteries that have been restored, including the ohels if applicable.

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Bulletin #500

Jan 20 2020

HFPJC celebrated 20 years since its founding, and the 500th weekly bulletin. As the organization gears for the new season in which 50 cemeteries are slated for restoration, we pause to reflect on the monumental achievements reached thus far.

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Status Report

Jan 18 2019

NEW! Avoyseinu releases updated report on all cemeteries where they were/are involved, with a code on its status. Review this report with information on 730 cemeteries to see if you can find your own ancestral cemetery and its status. If a cemetery isn't listed, Avoyseinu can be contacted to order an evaluation.

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Aug 24 2018

The HFPJC Maintenance Division is releasing reports to the sponsoring descendants of the third annual cutting of cemeteries enrolled in this program. Families receiving this report can see the exact condition of the cemetery accompanied by on-site pictures taken by an HFPJC representative.

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Jul 16 2018

Efforts to restore the ancient cemetery of Krzywcza, Poland are now underway, following a report received from a thorough evaluation conducted by Avoyseinu upon the request of several descendants. The report revealed a poor picture of this sacred site: the cemetery's wall, constructed out of wire, is falling apart, the grounds are unkempt and the matzevos are in various stages of neglect.

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Maintenance Division

Mar 14 2018

Enrollment for Maintenance 2018 is now open! Submit your ancestral cemetery for year round maintenance through the HFPJC Maintenance System. Each cemetery is cut several times each year to maintain the grounds, and HFPJC's agents visit the site periodically to provide updates to descendants.

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Status Report

Mar 07 2018

Newest Status Report released with code information of 700 cemeteries! The Status Report is released through the HFPJC annually, with a listing of all cemeteries in which the HFPJC has been/is currently involved. Each cemetery has a code depicting its status, and code definitions are provided at the the end of the report. This list is an excellent thread for one who is searching for the current condition of one’s ancestral cemeteries. If the cemetery in question isn’t listed, please contact our organization, and we’ll be glad to conduct an on-site evaluation to provide you with current information on the cemetery’s preservation status.

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