May 18 2018

Petrova cemetery restoration project now completed with restoration of 211 stones! New concrete wall around the cemetery has been built through Avoyseinu in year 2017 in the first phase of restoration, and all the stones have been re-erected on new concrete foundations in the second and final phase.

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May 02 2018

After months of research and negotiations, the Vlcany cemetery in Slovakia was finally completely enclosed, providing added protection to the sacred graves within.

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Apr 26 2018

Descendants rejoice at the successful completion of the Edeleny cemetery restoration project. The new wall encloses and protects the cemetery, and the gravestones are re-erected with durable concrete foundations. A beautiful door has been inserted, granting added honor and dignity to this holy place.

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Cemetery Activities/Pinsk

Apr 26 2018

During an intense preparatory undertaking to enclose and preserve the cemetery in Pinsk/Karlin, Belarus, HFPJC board members received an urgent call about ongoing construction activities within this sacred area. Immediately after Pesach, representatives flew to Belarus to negotiate the immediate halt of the desecrating activities, and were met with understanding and compassion from the locals and authorities. This led to a peaceful resolution, in which the construction plans were altered to keep the cemetery intact.

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Apr 23 2018

A brand new matzeva is placed in one of the three newly built ohels in the cemetery of Kobrin, Belarus, commemorating the revered Rabbi Moshe of Kobrin zy"a.

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Apr 16 2018

Construction on a new, durable wall around the cemetery of Nyirmeggyes, Hungary began on April 11, 2018. Descendants across the globe celebrate the return of honor and dignity to this sacred site, which lay in ruin for so many years.

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Mar 18 2018

The cemetery in Marghita, Romania was thoroughly cleaned in preparation for the second phase of the wall construction. Actual construction will begin the week of March 11, weather permitting.

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Maintenance Division

Mar 14 2018

Enrollment for Maintenance 2018 is now open! Submit your ancestral cemetery for year round maintenance through the HFPJC Maintenance System. Each cemetery is cut several times each year to maintain the grounds, and HFPJC's agents visit the site periodically to provide updates to descendants.

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Status Report

Mar 07 2018

Newest Status Report released with code information of 700 cemeteries! The Status Report is released through the HFPJC annually, with a listing of all cemeteries in which the HFPJC has been/is currently involved. Each cemetery has a code depicting its status, and code definitions are provided at the the end of the report. This list is an excellent thread for one who is searching for the current condition of one’s ancestral cemeteries. If the cemetery in question isn’t listed, please contact our organization, and we’ll be glad to conduct an on-site evaluation to provide you with current information on the cemetery’s preservation status.

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