Jul 12 2018

After months of tedious work, the Marghita cemetery in Romania is now fully restored. The cemetery boasts a beautiful new wall, newly re-erected gravestones with fresh, concrete foundations, and an impressive new ohel. Descendants visited the cemetery upon completion to see the work from close up and to light candles at the newly restored gravesites of their ancestors.

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Jun 25 2018

The gravestones in the cemetery of Rzepniek, Poland were properly re-erected following a comprehensive fence construction. With this final endeavor, the Rzepniek cemetery has been restored to honor, as befits a beis hachaim.

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Cemetery Activities

Jun 20 2018

The various restoration measures undertaken in the Mako cemetery in Hungary are finally being completed. The project included the rebuilding of the ohel, placing more than a dozen brand new stones in the cemetery as a memorial for the many gravestones that have disappeared or disintegrated over the years, and a new concrete pavement leading from the cemetery's entrance to the ohel.

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Jun 18 2018

After many delays, the Fehergyarmat project is finally launched! This Hungarian cemetery is now being fully restored, with a new protective wall and re-erected gravestones. Descending families rejoice as their ancestral burial site finally receives the honor and dignity it so richly deserves.

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Jun 13 2018

Full restoration is launched in the cemetery of Revleanvyar, Hungary. A new construction company has been enlisted to assist with the broadening restoration activities of the HFPJC, and they are performing solidly in their maiden project. Descendants are looking forward to seeing this project completed shortly.

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Jun 07 2018

Zdana descendants rejoice at the completion of the cemetery restoration, 16 years after it was initially evaluated. The project included tedious groundwork to enable the sturdy placement of the new wall. Now the cemetery is fully enclosed with a durable, concrete wall, the matzevos and grounds are properly restored, and the honor and dignity were returned to the righteous souls interred in the cemetery.

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Jun 01 2018

One wall in the Tornalja cemetery in Slovakia was dismantled during a city-sponsored construction project in the area. The descending families along with the HFPJC petitioned the city to avail their workers to rebuild the wall properly. Through a joint effort, the wall is now being rebuilt to the satisfaction of all.

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May 30 2018

Grueling work continues in Trencseny, Slovakia to lift and re-erect the large, heavy tombstones in the cemetery. Amazing discoveries have also been made throughout the project, unearthing stones of prominent scholars whose exact burial places were unknown.

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May 18 2018

The construction of the wall around the cemetery in Desesti was successfully completed. Project was held up due to border disputes, but negotiations led by Avoyseinu succeeded in settling all issues.

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May 18 2018

Petrova cemetery restoration project now completed with restoration of 211 stones! New concrete wall around the cemetery has been built through Avoyseinu in year 2017 in the first phase of restoration, and all the stones have been re-erected on new concrete foundations in the second and final phase.

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