Mar 31 2020

As we navigate the difficult times of this pandemic, Avoyseinu extends heartfelt wishes that you and your family remain healthy and safe. At Avoyseinu, we are continuing to proceed with construction in our projects in a limited manner, but preparations for projects in queue are advancing full speed. If you have any questions regarding your ancestral cemetery, please feel free to email us at:

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Oct 15 2019

HFPJC commends the amazing efforts of the Almosd descendants on behalf of their ancestral cemetery. Following an evaluation in mid-2019, the families immediately united in their goal to restore the abandoned cemetery and 460 members donated small amounts, which gradually accumulated to cover all costs. Thus, they succeeded in restoring the cemetery fully in record time!

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Bialy Kamien Monument

Oct 07 2019

A monumental milestone was achieved in the ongoing efforts to restore the Bialy Kamien cemetery, when the city council approved installing a monument in the cemetery. This achievement marked the first step in the path of securing permission to fully enclose and commemorate the entire cemetery.

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Sep 16 2019

Descendants work quickly and determinedly to fund the full restoration of the cemetery in Csokvaomany, Hungary. Despite various setbacks due to terrain conditions, HFPJC ensures that the project proceeds with speed and competence, being completed successfully to the satisfaction of all parties.

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Aug 29 2019

The old cemetery in Schattendorf, Austria is now completely enclosed with a beautiful brick and iron gate, isolating and commemorating this sacred resting site. In close cooperation with the local community and the descending families, HFPJC succeeded in resolving all permit issues and preparatory hindrances until the project was successfully finalized.

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Brody Cemetery Monument

Aug 27 2019

The cemetery in Brody, Ukraine, resting site of tens of thousands of Jews of past generations, was in disgrace for many years until the HFPJC was successful in claiming a sizable portion of the cemetery and enclosing it properly. To commemorate the site that's unfortunately void of gravestones or any other mark of those buried therein, the HFPJC worked with descendants to install a beautiful monument. Further activity to retrieve and restore the entire cemetery is underway.

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Aug 12 2019

A total of 250 tombstones are beautifully re-erected on top of new concrete foundations in a recent restoration project in the cemetery of Rete, Slovakia. This is against a backdrop of a newly renovated wall that was built along a large section of the cemetery border. Additional research and information is being obtained through evaluations of the restored stones, at the request of the descendants.

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Projects/Viseu de Mijlok

Jul 29 2019

After intense fundraising efforts, the Viseu de Mijlok project is finally launched. A strong, durable wall is erected around the entire cemetery, isolating and protecting the site. The descendants keep their sights ahead, continuing the efforts to fund the full gravestone restorations.

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Jul 09 2019

It seemed like an unattainable feat, but we got it done! After years of negotiations with the locals and members of the church, HFPJC was finally able to build the front wall of the cemetery, enclosing the site properly. Descendants are overjoyed at the great news, capping years of patience and determination while they waited for the cemetery to be fully restored.

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Jun 24 2019

A significant part of the cemetery was restored as a starting measure for the necessary renovation efforts in Havasmezo, Romania. The entire front section was enclosed with a new wall and the nearby section of stones restored. The descendants are both rejoicing at this promising progress, and are continuing their fundraising efforts to finance the rest of the needed restoration activities.

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Jun 18 2019

After months of long-winding negotiations, HFPJC finally received the necessary permits to begin construction on the Teke cemetery in Romania. The cemetery was enclosed with a new, solid wall and its gravestones erected on poured concrete foundations. HFPJC extends its gratitude to the Jewish Federation of Romania who assisted in the permit process.

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